Friday, February 17, 2012

Crazy busy!

So much has happened this last few weeks. Anna turned 4!! We went and saw the Disney Princesses at the Expocentre and she had a few friends over for fun. They had a dance party, played barbies, and decorated their own cupcakes. She is so funny now and really thinks she is big.
Maria has been staying with us, preparing for heart surgery. Her history of rheumatic fever damaged her heart valves and she has chosen to have surgery here so we can help care for her. We are currently awaiting a surgery date.
Just had the boys' parent-teacher conferences. They are doing so well, so smart. Andrew will be put in a group for advanced teaching because he is so bright. Couldn't be more proud of them. David is still struggling to actually do all his homework and turn it in but all his teachers comment on how polite he is and that he is making more of an effort than last semester. He is starting track and is also starting to sing in a mariachi band. He continues to work at cold stone creamery and hopefully will be driving soon!
In the mean time, Alex and I are really doing well communicating and being thoughtful of each other. Some times hard to do amongst the busy. We had a wonderful Valentine's date at New City Cafe, a well overdue night out.
Now, off to work!

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