Friday, February 17, 2012

Crazy busy!

So much has happened this last few weeks. Anna turned 4!! We went and saw the Disney Princesses at the Expocentre and she had a few friends over for fun. They had a dance party, played barbies, and decorated their own cupcakes. She is so funny now and really thinks she is big.
Maria has been staying with us, preparing for heart surgery. Her history of rheumatic fever damaged her heart valves and she has chosen to have surgery here so we can help care for her. We are currently awaiting a surgery date.
Just had the boys' parent-teacher conferences. They are doing so well, so smart. Andrew will be put in a group for advanced teaching because he is so bright. Couldn't be more proud of them. David is still struggling to actually do all his homework and turn it in but all his teachers comment on how polite he is and that he is making more of an effort than last semester. He is starting track and is also starting to sing in a mariachi band. He continues to work at cold stone creamery and hopefully will be driving soon!
In the mean time, Alex and I are really doing well communicating and being thoughtful of each other. Some times hard to do amongst the busy. We had a wonderful Valentine's date at New City Cafe, a well overdue night out.
Now, off to work!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Andrew is 7!

I know it is so cliche to say "time passes so quickly" or " they grow so fast" but these are so true. It seems like the days may take forever but the years fly by so fast. I remember so well waiting for the arrival of my second son. Walking by his empty blue and white bassinet and giggling. I was so nervous and excited for Alex to meet his little brother. Now he is turning SEVEN! Seven sounds so much older than 5 or 6. Seven is the beginning of "big kid" the end of the little. He is surely this. He is slightly concerned about what other people think, is competitive when it comes to sports...or anything, fights with his sister, doesn't want to shower.... However, he will still sit and cuddle with me, gives kisses in front of his friends, sticks up for himself, lets me pick out his clothes, and helps around the house. The night before his birthday I pulled him aside and told him " tonight is the last night I will kiss you as a 6 year old. When you wake up in the morning you will be 7! I sure did have fun with you this year as a 6 year old and I can't wait to see how much fun we will have while you are 7." He started crying! " I'm going to miss being 6!" What a sweet child. I can't help but imagine what he will be like in 7 more years. sigh. For his birthday he chose breakfast for dinner and wanted a sports party. He really just wanted to play football with all of his friends. We had 23 kids at our house! I was so thankful that the weather was actually nice. They played outside, played games in the basement, ate lunch and of course had cake. He kept hugging me and saying "thanks" so I'm pretty sure he had fun. It was a busy and fun weekend. I love him!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Journal for Aiden

So Baby #4! That can be a crazy thought for many but not for us! We were so excited to find out that you were being sent to us. Each time has been a different experience and I was worried that this time would be harder. Harder on my body, harder because we have 3 kids to take care of... you were simple, calm, relaxing. You were already blessing us before you were born. The kids were SO excited to meet you. They would talk to me belly so you would recognize their voices when you were born. They took a "big brother, big sister" class to help them prepare. You were due on January 4th and I was so worried that you would be born on a holiday. I was planning like a crazy lady trying to get all things ready for Christmas early "just in case". I was super miserable the last few weeks before you were born, having contractions any time Id do anything. Then like the patient little man you are you waited. You waited for Christmas to be done and all cleaned up before you decided to join us. I woke up the morning after Christmas having contractions. We skipped church because I was uncomfortable, and went to walk around Walmart. Your siblings were worried about me and they were so cute asking about you. Then you were born at 11:07pm! 7 pounds exactly. The littlest of them all. You were so mad at the nurses that were checking you out, you just wanted your mommy. You have been such a sweet, loving boy and we are lucky to have you. Love you Aiden!


So as I am on this blog journey I now have switched to using my own computer and now am learning how to apply pics and all! So I am hopeful that some of my new posts will now contain pictures of my cuties.
This year is starting off well. We are all trying to eat healthier and the kids are really doing well with it. They are already starting to ask for fruits and veggies as a snack instead of "cheez-its". We are all trying new things and it has been fun. That's right, FUN! I am hopeful that this will continue to be a nice thing that we do as a family.
I have found a new love....PINTEREST! I am finding all sorts of neat ideas on this site including many organizational concepts. I am trying out different crafts, cleaning things up, and getting organized. There is something about a new year that brings this sense of a clean slate, a new beginning. I really am enjoying changing this around.
Tomorrow will be the kids' first full week back to school and Im not looking forward to it. It is crazy and chaotic when they are all home but I enjoy it. I do miss them when they are gone. Someday soon it will be summer and I might think differently.
my thoughts for the day....goodnight!